Sunday Morning, Refresh.

It has been a long time coming. The moment I mentally slap myself for the neglect to my blog. I have been busy with life, feeling the hurricane of chaos and the new adventures with toddler. Yes, V is 13 months and as lovely as a rose and with a variety of silly moments. She loves her kitties, and the dogs are her pals. S has been in Australia and we have been very anxious in our wait for his return. I have begun reviewing more cozy mysteries for authors and loving being a mom. These moments go by too fast.

Sunday, the day before we all go back to work, we love it, we loath it. I love this day. I love waking to a new week a fresh page in my weekly planner and knowing my darling will be a smiling Ray of sunshine to wake to. I take these small moments to plan and prepare mentally. Create the check list and set off. We are humans and we are busy but I promise to take more time for the little moments, won’t you join me? image


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