Will Read for Friends

I love reading, wait no…. I am OBSESSED with reading. My love starts at the ripe age of four, reading with my mom. Those books opened the gates to Jane Austen, Nora Roberts, Cozy Mysteries, and anything that V would like. As a mom I have seen my taste in reading change, sorry to my favorites but it’s a baby kinda world. I love building V’s library, though S might begin to feel short with the tower of books. My point with this entry is books are more than paper, ink, glue and publications. They are great friends.

Life changed the October day I saw the positive lines (multiple times I might add), I signed up for a whole new book section. I chose to put S and V first, and to provide for V the best I could. I was prepared to be a mom the best I could be, I wasn’t prepared for the alone.

Alone, Isolated, Solo… Words that come to mind when you decide to be a mom. Yes, I have v’s amazing father and we are a family. But as the title states there is basketball and that keeps him away and here. And though Grandma and Uncle are great, it’s not the same as in person friends,(I love my dear friends too far to see) So it’s V and I and the books. I know that there are amazing books to comfort my days of feeling red (Breakfast at Tiffanys) and the many characters become those I root for or in some cases hope they get comically killed off. They truly become people I lean on.

So we read and I get I embrace new authors, and enjoy their sites. I tell V to always have a book and everywhere she goes she will have a friend. I will be addressing this love once and awhile, giving my fictional favorites a buzz. And I hope you all can curl up with a good book. Xoxo B


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