This New Year

I know this is late but, Happy New Year! May this year be a blessing to us all. Each year we all make or attempt to make resolutions to “better” ourselves in the year(s) to come. I have always joyfully participated in this ritual, making many goals to “better” myself. This year I chose to make goals to reach, not to “better” myself but to grow. That is what a new year should mean, a time to grow and advance.

I want to grow as a mother, not be the perfect mom but be the best mom for V. V is a true blessing in our lives, daily life brings new faces, noises and bright eyed wonders that I never knew could exist. To grow as a mother is to watch my girl grow happily and to have personal growth in each moment. I want to be more present, not just in the room but fully present.

I also want to be a better partner and half of the family unit S and I have created. I don’t to feel always tried for patience, I would more kisses and laughter in the rain. I want him to know, and feel the strength of my love for him.

And as I write this V is deciding it is bath time. Off to Mommy land I go, and I truly wish you all a blessed year!~B


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