Happy Holidays

10858351_4673776538550_3635132046144895813_nIt’s beginning to look like Christmas here in our home. These past few weeks have been full of decorating, baking, shopping, and the milestones of V. Little Miss V turned six months old and that meant it was time to begin crawling, standing and belly flopping on unsuspecting cats. Yes, we are on the move! Batten down the baby gates, and hide the ornaments she has found a new meaning to Christmas spirit. With V life has been a whirlwind of tinsel and Christmas magic, and seeing this spiritual time of the year through her eyes. Did you know how much joy one can have with s simple bow? Or the fact that the tree seems large when wiggling and crawling? During the past few years I have forgotten  what this season is about. It isn’t about the shopping and decorating, it isn’t about the baking (though I truly enjoy the baked goodies and decorating) it is about family and making the memories to share with V.

As the first official post on the blog it may seem to be short or not as enjoyable but I am planning to make those memories with V. With that I wish you all a holiday full of joy, tinsel and memories.


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